Poetry on independence day

Independence Day is a day which carries many memories. A true patriot and a martyr will never forget how his/her country suffered before independence. This could mean what liberty is as they have experienced how subjugation would be. Colonialism have given many nations many lessons and experiences. Some influence that they created is unleashed after the independence and most remain unknown and unsaid even now. People have adapted those and is hard to ignore it and accept that it’s just an influence and not an inherited practise.

Independence-Liberty? Source: Media Wing Brahma Kumaris

Why freedom?

In India, subjugation was seen over 200 years and why came the sudden thought of liberty and freedom? Why did people struggle for it? They shouldn’t have given up what was theirs before and weeping for it later becomes senseless.

Freedom-Depicted Source: Christ Fellowship Church

 But however their weepings have been wiped out by the so called freedom. Freedom really comes after a struggle and that struggle becomes a seed for the freedom and that freedom is the tree of the seed. Do people really make use of the freedom acquired? And the answer to it becomes the fruit of the tree. People, before enjoying the freedom should know how the subjugation was, earlier and literature has record of it in its every work.

Does independence really mean freedom?

What does independence really mean? Is it really liberty? Nowadays the real liberty puts a big question mark to the liberty itself. People trespass in the name of liberty more than using the liberty in good means. Independence as such does not mean the complete freedom. When taking India for instance, colonialism is now replaced by politics. Governance is necessary everywhere, but a governance which is just and fair is the most needed aspect. Real freedom means equality and that equality is achieved only when people become aware of what real freedom is.

Colonialism and literature

English is the language has its origin in India in the early British ruling period. English as such was not creating any influence but instead the writers used the tool of language powerfully in order to get it written, influenced the people a lot. Colonialism was a period where most of the countries in the world was under the British rule. Great Britain, as they tagged themselves had made themselves to be superior to any other nation in this world. This very concept made a strong impact on the minds of the literary writers.

Colonization Source: Peabody Institute Library

British’s influence on writings

British’s ruling was so powerful that their language has influenced the colonized people a lot and they started writing on that language and gradually adapted to it. As chinua Achebe in his famous essay, “Novelist as a Teacher” has said the Black’s were ashamed or ignored to write about their own land and climate but instead write about what that is with the Englishmen. Colonization was a twist in the plot for every story of a nation and that is very much recorded in the history laden literary works like poetry.

The Great Britain Source: AFKTravel

Post colonialism

Colonialism has created a major participation of people into social functionaries. People were given chances. Some outgrew their talents just because of colonialism. Post colonialism literature plays an important role in the field. The irony lies here that is, the poetry is written by the subjugated for the subjugation he/she has faced in the language of those who subjugated him/her. Post colonialism is not only about modernism. Salman Rushdie is also a wide known contributor of post colonial poetry. Postcolonial poetry not only talks about the struggles they faced during colonialism but people have learnt many new things in the period of subjugation. Poet not only remain objective but sometimes they go behind reality to prove the reality to their readers.

Partition in India

Auden is the one who would come in the minds of everyone of us when we think of partition poetry. He too would have mentioned the struggles of the people rather than praising the concept of subjugation. Libertarians wish their writings to be unbiased. Diasporic writers act as a living proof, where they belong somewhere and presently live and write somewhere. That much influence is what colonization has made. Indian partition has so many untold stories to the world and partition poetry acts as an example with which the current world could learn what was what in the past.


Independence is neither achieved nor created. It is for which millions and millions of people protested and it was achieved at last. But how far does this independence influence people and how many use the same in a right way. Poets who talk about independence talk about how people got independence and how was the state before independence but neither of the poets spoke what came after independence. Subjugation, in some other form!- to be short.

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