Poetry Appreciation

The necessity of appreciation to an artist

Every artist needs to be appreciated from time to time. Appreciation is a fuel to every artist. It not only boosts up an artist but also helps to keep the flame burning and the art real and alive. An artist is the creator of an art form and he himself may become a destroyer to that particular art form when he’s not appreciated timely and properly. Anyone can appreciate a poetry. It is a poem or the art work which is needed to be appreciated but not the poet himself. He’ll be accredited for whatsoever appreciation his artwork is receiving. Appreciation is not that much needed for a true artist. He who appreciates a poetry or a literary work will be known a critic. A critic is not only the one who’s telling only the negative side of an artwork. He’ll also tell the positives. A real critic would be unbiased and would say both the pros and cons of a poetry or literary work.

Appreciation Source: Drops of Time

aspects. Appreciation doesn’t only mean appreciation with the mere usage of words,

gifts and goodies. It is neither a certification nor a grade scale with which an artist should be marked. Every artist is a learner. one who learns everyday would definitely be an artist either directly or indirectly. This learning doesn’t get confined to one particular field. Every new day gives every other person a great chance and opportunity to learn very many new things.

An artist will be awake and acknowledge every new thing he learns. It would surely be reflected in his writing. Each one’s perspective may differ in this world. Same way A poem gets appreciated by some group of people and gets degraded by some other people at the same time. When a poet doesn’t get some appreciation on time, he would sometimes feel like the whole world is opposing him.

Poetic qualities to be meant for appreciation

Appreciation and A poet Source: Inc

Each and every quality of a poem deserves an appreciation. A poem is not measured by the number of words written and how figuratively the language is used. A poem is judged purely based on the aesthetic sense of the poet and the usage of themes by him. A creative poet will not be conscious of anything like rules while writing. As creativity would be like a river in him and when he’s ready to write a poem it would be like an unendingly flowing river right from his heart. Poets who take lots of care regarding the implementation of aspects in his poetry is also a good poet. It is not that he keenly scrutinize everything he writes and nothing comes out naturally and all these doesn’t mean that he’s not a poet. After all a poet is an artist who doesn’t think that he would require Appreciation. He would never long for that. But deep inside his heart he would think and questions his own creativity when he receives

Poets on the process of self-appreciation

A poet’s note to self Source: The Conversation

Every poet would write for his own self. It is necessary for the benefit of humankind. But basically a poem is an effort taken by a poet to quench his long threatening thirst. The poet would have a great passion towards writing and that would be like a flame, ever burning. Greater than getting appreciated, a poet would always long to be identified. Accreditations that are true and loyal in attribution is always needed for a poet. Artists aren’t made. They are created on their own. But least are those who have their own identity. Artists are used by this world. In the age where negativity spreads faster than positivity it is a blessing to have a gem like poet in our society. Why can’t he/she get some genuine appreciation?

A critics view point

A Critic and a poem Source: BBC

A critic is someone and he/she is in No way connected to a poet but technically connected strongly to a poem. A poet will know his strengths and weakness only because of a critic. A critic is no way a harm to the poet. Similarly there’s none called a good critic and a bad critic. Based on that point one cannot say that a critic is a good soul. All he does is he would do his duty correctly and when it has more of a negative sense, he becomes bad and he’s seen and portrayed bad. Why a critic is very important in a poet’s literary journey? It’s because appreciation is given and taken by a critic. Everyone who comments on a poem becomes a critic automatically and the critic becomes a vital part in the literary growth of the poet.


A poet is a critic to himself Source: Mental Floss

Is it a poet or the poetry which is to be appreciated? Even if someone appreciates a poet, it is ultimately attributed to the poem.

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